500g tin of Molyslip COPASLIP High-Temperature Anti-Seize Compound500g tin of Molyslip COPASLIP High-Temperature Anti-Seize Compound

Molyslip COPASLIP High-Temperature Anti-Seize Compound 500g

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Molyslip’s COPASLIP is a high-performance anti-seizing compounds for protecting fasteners from some of the harshest environments even with temperatures as high as 1,100°C, providing protection from corrosion and rust too.


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COPASLIP from Molyslip is a high-performance anti-seizing compound designed to protect fasteners from the causes of seizure that can be caused by temperatures, pressure, or corrosion. For outstanding performance to threads and components, the base formula is bolstered by corrosion inhibiters, antioxidants, and pure copper particles.

It works by minimising frictional interference between threads allowing much easier and consistent assembly while also preventing galling and seizure that can occur during disassembly even after long periods of exposure in harsh environments even with extreme temperatures up to 1,100°C.


Consistency NLGI 2
Base Oil Viscosity 100 cSt
Drop Point Non-melting >300°C
Flashpoint (IP34) >200°C
Effective Temperature Range -40°C up to +1100°C
Solidification point (of the base fluid) -20°C
Coefficient of friction (steel on steel, steady state) 0.12
8.8 Steel self-coloured K nut factor 0.14
8.8 Steel BZP K nut factor 0.10
8.8 Steel hot-dip galvanised K nut factor 0.14
A2 Stainless steel K nut factor 0.13
Brass K nut factor 0.12





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