Makita DHR263Z 26mm SDS+ Rotary Hammer DrillMakita DHR263Z 26mm SDS+ Rotary Hammer Drill

Makita DHR263Z 18v 26mm SDS+ Cordless Rotary Hammer Drill Body Only

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This 26mm cordless SDS+ rotary hammer drill is powered by two 18v Li-ion batteries and has a powerful 36v DC motor for drilling holes up to 26mm in concrete, 32mm in wood and 26mm in steel. Further sizes of 65mm and 55mm can be achieved using TCT Core or Diamond Core, respectively.


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The Makita DHR263Z is a cordless 26mm SDS+ rotary hammer drill based on Makita models BHR262 and BHR262T and is powered by two 18v Li-ion batteries. Its powerful 36v DC motor makes it powerful enough for drilling holes up to 26mm in concrete, 32mm in wood and 26mm in steel. It can achieve larger sizes of 65mm and 55mm using TCT Core or Diamond Core, respectively.

The compact design maintains the same easy handling as the Makita BHR262 and has three modes of operation – Rotation and Hammering, Hammering Only and Rotation Only. With a one-touch slide chuck for SDS+ bit and ergonomic and vibration-absorbing soft grip handle, this hammer drill is one of the best in its class.

The LED job light features pre-glow and afterglow functionality luminates your work area so you can focus more on the job at hand while the battery warning will make sure you don’t run out of battery life.


Voltage 36v (2 x 18v)
Max Hole Size in Steel 13mm
Max Hole Size in Wood 32mm
Max Hole Size in Concrete 26mm
Shank SDS+ plus
Weight 4.1-5.1kg
Blows per minute 0-4,800 bpm
No load Speed 0-1,200 rpm
Vibration K Factor 1.5 m/sec2
Vibration Hammer Drilling 14.5 m/sec2
Vibration Chiselling 14 m/sec2
Vibration Drilling into Metal 3 m/sec2


Makita Power Tools

For over 100 years, Makita's focus on product innovation has led to several technological advancements and the development of industry leading products. Makita's innovative vibration safety system, AVT helps users combat the risks caused by vibration in power tools and their development of dust extraction systems reduces the danger of dust inhalation. Makita have led the charge (pardon the pun) in the development of modern Lithium-Ion battery technology, enabling Makita Power Tools to run for longer, whilst reducing the weight of the tools. These, and many other, power tool developments are the result of a dedicated research and development centre in Japan, where engineers work hard to constantly improve Makita products in all aspects, from power consumption through to ergonomic design and function. Makita operates manufacturing plants across the globe, from its headquarters in Japan to here, in the UK. The Telford manufacturing facility is the only full-production factory for power tools anywhere in the UK,  and has been producing Makita cordless power tools since 1991. At the heart of the Makita manufacturing process is the quality of the motor. Makita only source the absolute highest quality raw materials and components in order to build the most powerful and efficient motors . Highest grade, premium steel is used to manufacture the armature shafts and gears, whilst high grade magnetic copper wire is used to produce the windings in each and every Makita power tool. This ensures superior current flow whilst enabling the motors to endure extreme temperatures. Makita's stringent quality control process mandates that each, and every, power tool that leaves any of Makita's manufacturing plants is rigorously tested. Nothing is left untested; the motor alone is subjected to 19 extensive tests!
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