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E6379 Alcohol Impregnated WipesE6379 Alcohol Impregnated Wipes

Long Acting Alcohol Impregnated Surface Sanitiser Wipes

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These hygiene wipes are formulated containing a level of Propan-2-ol and Quaternary Ammonium Compounds (QAC) and are for the cleaning and disinfecting of hard surfaces.

The Propan-2-ol is a type of alcohol and will have a sanitising effect on the surfaces. Additionally to the Propan-2-ol the QAC in the product will also have a disinfecting effect on the surfaces.

Whereas the Propan-2-ol evaporates from the surface to the atmosphere, and no longer sanitises the surface, the QAC will not evaporate and is left behind on the surface. As the QAC remains on the surface after the other ingredients have evaporated, they will continue to have a sanitising effect after the initial use.

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Hygiene Wipes are designed for the cleaning and sanitising of surfaces for those who want to maintain high standards of cleanliness and hygiene through regular, frequent use throughout the day. The alcohol impregnated wipes are non-tainting and are particularly suited for use in food handling areas such as food processing, catering industries as well as industrial and commercial office applications.

  • Contains sanitising ingredients
  • Bacterial properties remove strains of harmful bacteria
  • Strong and absorbent fabric
  • Suitable for use on variety of surfaces
  • Ready to use disposable wipes which are convenient and easy to use, avoids cross contamination.
  • The plastic tub dispenser keeps unused wipes fresh and clean.

Physical characteristics:-

Appearance: 800, pre-saturated white wipes in a dispensing tub
Colour: Blue
Odour: Alcoholic
Material: Polypropylene substrate
Base Weight (g/m2): 26
Size (cm): 24 x 24 (approximate unfolded dimensions)



Gramos Applied


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