3M 9322+ Aura Particulate Disposable FFP2 Valved Respirator3M 9322+ Aura Particulate Disposable FFP2 Valved Respirator

3M 9322+ Aura Particulate FFP2 Valved Disposable Respirator

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The 3M 9322+ Aura FFP2 respirator provides all the outstanding FFP2 protection against dusts and mists while providing additional features for added comfort, including the reduction of heat and fogging of eyewear. Each respirator is individually wrapped for added hygiene.

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Keep particulates at bay with the disposable 9322+ Aura FFP2 respirators from 3M. Unlike other respirators, the original three-panel design allow you greater movement of your face while the low resistance filter technology will help you to breathe easily with just as much protection.

The FFP2 protection minimises the amount of dust and mists you breathe in, making it a brilliant choice for industrial applications and other hazardous environments. The flat-fold design provides the convenience of storage when use isn’t required.

The sculpted upper panel easily adjusts to the contours of your face and nose to create a perfect seal. 3M’s Cool Flow Valve reduces heat in hot conditions while reducing fogging on your glasses. It also features a second strap for the chin to further aid ease of adjustment.

The respirator is hygienically wrapped to prevent contamination and is specifically designed to work with other 3M eye and hearing protective products.

Before using any form of protection, please read manufacturer instructions before use.






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