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Supreme All-Day Comfort from Base Protection Footwear

This Italian styled range of contemporary footwear conforms to all relevant safety standards, but what sets it apart, is the attention paid to wearer comfort. With a global reputation for the quality of its fashion footwear range, the designers at Base Protection Footwear developed some ingenious technological advancements to ensure high quality footwear that gives long-lasting comfort all day.


Employing patented revolutionary technology, i-Daptive offers the wearer four key benefits in one unique system:

Base Footwear i-Daptive Step 1Absorption

i-Daptive footwear reacts dynamically and instantly to absorb the energy between impact surfaces and your feet to reduce shock sensation.

Base Footwear i-Daptive Step 2


Dissipating high impact energy, i-Daptive footwear takes the load off your body. The greater the impact the more the footwear works, minimising the shock impacts to you.


Energy returns but the i-Daptive element makes it work in your favour helping you to carry momentum into your next step or turn. The i-Daptive element adapts based on the speed and movement of your feet.

Base Footwear i-Daptive Step 4


The i-Daptive sole adapts to maximise the ergonomic advantage of Base Protection Footwear. This helps to reduce sprain injuries, relieving pressure on your joints, and keeping your feet in the optimal position.

See the i-Daptive footwear from Base Protection in action:

All Terrain

The All-Terrain technology ensures high levels of grip regardless of the surface conditions. Whether you’re on mud, snow, gravel, soil or melting ice and snow, the sole cleats have a variable height and are arranged to be self-cleaning. This together with a higher profile heel, ensures more safety, while climbing stairs or on stony soils.

But that’s not all. They also combine slip resistance on ceramics and detergent with SRA and steel and glycerine with SRB to meet the standard SRC.

Base Footwear Slip Resistance[/fusion_text]


When you need extra slip resistance, Base Protection’s Sticking range has you covered with a transversal carving that is also typical on professional boating shoes. The flat outsole also allows for additional grip, while not scratching or marking the surfaces, so no more worries about delicate floors.

Like the All-Terrain range, it too has a slip resistance of SRC, ensuring the risk to you and your colleagues of slipping are minimised.

Sticking Base Footwear Slip Resistance

Dry’n Air Plus, Dry’n Air and Dry’n Air Gel

Dry’n Air is another patented technology from Base Protection Footwear that delivers air circulation inside the shoe, leaving feet feeling cooler and fresher.

Dry'n Air 1 Dry'n Air 2 Dry'n Air 3 Dry'n Air 4
Fresh air enters the shoe Walking the heel’s pressure pushes air ahead The humid and warm air are pushed up and dissipated The free ducts raises the foot above the sole edge and equally distributes the weight

Dry’n Air Plus is an enhanced version of Dry’n Air. It is a built-in air canal system that is reinforced with a puncture-resistant ballistic textile sole.

Dry'n Air Plus 1 Dry'n Air Plus 2 Dry'n Air Plus 3
Puncture-resistant sole and air canal system Air is pushed, taking humidity with it to keep your feet dry The air is then pushed along to dissipate the heat

Dry'n Air GelDry’n Air Gel dissipates energy from shocks through highly dense gel at the heel, which helps to minimise stress on your joints.

SmellStop and SmellStop Deluxe

The SmellStop range has an antibacterial and anti-odour lining that actively works to eliminate bacteria and fungi that can cause strong odour, helping to keep your feet healthy.

SmellStop Deluxe builds on this innovation with a microfibre that is kinder to the environment and adds high levels of abrasion and tear resistance. It also allows the feet to breathe easier with the presence of silver ions in the lining.

In both SmellStop ranges, the need for odour masking aerosols is greatly reduced or eliminated entirely, saving you money. This is due to the antibacterial treatment lasting for the lifetime of the footwear.


Base Protection’s SlimCap combines the need for meta-free toe cap footwear, with a thinner design that is lightweight. Compared to standard footwear, it’s up to 35% thinner, with no compromise on safety. Suitable for use in temperatures from -40°C to +60°C, SlimCap complies fully with EN 20345 compression and impact tests.

Base Protection Footwear SlimCap 1 Base Protection Footwear SlimCap 2
Toe-cap thickness reduced o as low as 6.5mm Equipped with protective strip that minimises risk of detachment and pressure on toes

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